The Prep: Fearlessly Fit

A majority of the time making the decision to become a healthier individual is the hardest part.  It's not the workout or eating clean but getting yourself motivated and out the front door is the hardest part. 


My whole philosophy for being fearlessly fit is making small lifestyle changes. I don’t do crash diets or crazy workouts.  Let’s be real, every girl has tired some crazy diet fad or work out and been disappointed by the lack of results for effort they have put in. We’ve all been there, even me (I tried using packing tape on my stomach during workouts to get a six pack, much to my dismay it did not work, and it HURT taking it all off). 


The first step to making this lifestyle change is getting off the couch and setting up a plan! No matter what that plan is, you still need to make it.  Have you ever worked on a project without planning what to do first, if you have you know it doesn’t work. You need to schedule out what you want to do if you want it to work. 


So, remember getting prepped on how you want to be a healthier individual is the first step. Plan out how you want to work out, how you are going to eat, what you are going to drink, whatever it is, having a plan of action is your best bet to being fearlessly FIT! 

Sara Jasper