Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Fit: Burpee

So after being at the bridal and prom showcase, I got a nice slap in the face of reality! My wedding is less than 8 months away!! It may not be a wedding, but I'll bet you have some important event coming up as spring gets closer! 
Did you know it takes at least 4-6 weeks to start seeing differences from working out and dieting? Four to six weeks sounds like a lifetime, but it's not, it goes by quicker than you think. Although, the important thing to remember is that you can't give up after 2 weeks because you don't have a six pack yet. 

If there's one exercise that my clients love to hate it's a burpee. It's awful and amazing at the same time. The motion of a burpee starts with standing up tall, squating down, jumping your legs back, a push up, jumping your legs back to a squat, and then jumping up in the air as high as possible. If that doesn't make sense, check out this video.

The exercise works your core, arms, and butt, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

The challenge I want you fearlessly fit girls to try is the 30 day burpee challenge!! It's a tough one but I know you can do it! Add it together with other challenges I've posted and you'll have your dream body before you know it. 

Don't forget, always finish a meal off with lean protein!!