Meet Bethany | Workout Wednesday : Fearlessly Feminine Guest Blogger


    Welcome to a new blog that just might change your life. Let me tell you a little about myself and what BB FIT is all about. This first blog will only be an introduction of what’s to come every other week. My hope is to inspire all who read this and motivate you to make a change and feel confident and strong. 

    BB FIT is a private fitness/nutrition business operated by me, Bethany Belden. I love fitness and eating healthy and really love sharing my experience with others. I enjoy learning new tricks and tools to keep myself motivated and in shape. I currently hold a personal training license and have worked both inside a gym one on one with clients, and I also have coached online. I have competed in 2 fitness competitions and am eager for more. I want to share with everyone what I love and how it IS POSSIBLE to change your life.  I hear too many excuses and I’m here for you to change that. 

    BB FIT is for both men and women looking to feel better, look better, and have self-confidence. BB FIT offers specifically tailored workouts and diets for clients; 12, 16, and 20 week programs are available. 

    I’m partnering on this blog with Alisha Sims who is very talented in the art of photography. We are partnering together and I have decided to offer mini plans for clients to get into shape before their big photo shoot.  I will offer 6 week packages of diet and training to help you look and feel the best before your pictures with Alisha. For more information on pricing of the mini 6 week package, please contact me @ 

    Each blog will be posted on my website ( and also on Alisha’s. ( Every other week I will blog/post about a topic that is current and applicable to becoming the BEST YOU.  Here is just an example of what I plan to blog about in the coming weeks…


    -Diet Tips



    -Current Events 

    -Travel Tips & how to stay on track

    - & Much more! 

    Please continue to check back every other week for an updated post that will help you in your fitness journey. Please reply to me and give me feedback! I would love to know what YOU want me to blog about. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!