Intimate Lifestyle Photography | Evansville Boudoir Photographer

This week I shared an intimate blog about why i'm a boudoir photographer.  You can read more about that here on Cole Schafer's blog. But I thought I should share more about those feelings here! I believe in the intimate lifestyle photography movement.  

Intimate lifestyle photography is not a trend, it is a movement. It allows women to accept their sexuality and express it. Through our work, women are allowed to say, yes, I like sex just as much as a man does and I am not ashamed of that. It allows them to take back and own it. I see shooting intimate lifestyle photography as a call to action to help men, women, gay, straight, or no category, to be able to express their sexuality freely. -Ewan Phelan

Miss A killed her self expression in this shoot! The confidence, boldness and self love radiate!