Bridal Bootcamp: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Fit


Its wedding season! Here is a great way to shape up and look the best on your big day! Use a weight that’s challenging but not too difficult. If you can easily do more than 15 reps, add in some weight. The idea is to push yourself so it’s challenging to finish, but don’t hurt yourself! Have fun!


-Warm up 5 min cardio of choice

–Superset 1: Bicep curl and tricep dip (15 of each, repeat 3 times)

–Superset 2: Step-ups on the right (10), on the left (10), sumo squat and crunch (10), left (10) –repeat 2 times

–Cardio blast: 5 min. Start at an easy jog or walking pace with 5-6% incline. Add 1% incline every minute until you have reached 5 min (if you need to take it down before then, do it)

–Superset 3: Pushups (12- start in full plank and drop to your knees to finish if you need to), bent-over wide row (15)- repeat 3 times

–Superset 4: Stability ball back extension (12-15) and Stability ball crunch (hold a weight at the ends with both hands,keeping your arms close to your ears to make it more challenging-15) - repeat 3 times

–Cardio blast: 5 min sprints. Go for 1 min at an easy pace, 30 seconds at a very challenging pace, alternating for 5 minutes total.

–Bent over fly and dumbbell front raise (15 of each)- repeat 3 times

-Cool down (5 minutes), stretch.

Now, walk down that aisle looking and feeling fabulous!