Feeling Sluggish | WORKOUT WEDNESDAY

I was feeling a little drained of energy recently. So, I did what any smart individual does when they are tired, I tried to sleep more.  But I wasn't getting any results when it came to my energy. I was working out regularly but it was very intense exercises. So, I tried to sleep more. To no avail, I wasn't getting anywhere with all the rest I was getting. So, I tried looking at myself as a 3rd person, like I was my own personal training client. If I was my Trainer I’d say “steady state CARDIO!” and Slower sets and Reps when it came to my strength training.

So, that’s what I did, I dragged my lazy butt onto a treadmill and ran 5k. I felt better instantly.  Then I did it again the next day, that’s when I felt like I was myself again! I have a lot of energy so to not be able to tap into it is a real problem for me. I lost some of the fat I was dragging along with me too! What is steady state? Steady state cardio is simply a cardio workout that is a continuous, steady effort, as opposed to an interval cardio workout where you vary your energy output...Preferred that you do 20min or more but the cells in your body will love you for it as it will teach or reteach them to see your oxygen and fatty acids as an energy source as opposed to always wanting sugar for energy.

 What’s this story got to do with you? You don't run nor do you have a desire to start, or maybe you aren't feeling as lazy as I did and don't do cardio... Well if you aren't doing it you should, as it will bring you:

- Improved Heart Health

- Increased Metabolism (Will help the cells of your body use all three sources of energy efficiently)

- Increased Hormone Balance (Goodbye, fatigue!)

- Increased Recovery Time 

- Helpful towards Glucose management (Which is very important to people with Diabetes as it helps manage sugar levels!)


So many reasons to get your cardio on! With benefits like these how can you not? Your next step is get started! Do you like to work out inside? With Friends? Play sports? what will get you to do it? Whatever the answer is get started today! Even if you’re tired! 

Different options Pending your fitness level:

- Dog walking, biking, elliptical, tennis, light jogging, rowing, and many more! Now, get out there and do some cardio!