Miss M | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photography

This is Miss M's third boudoir session and I love it! LOVE IT! She's not only a total babe in front of a camera, she is also such a beautiful person. Her strength and positivity shine through to everyone she meets. I deeply admire her self-love, confidence, and urgency to help others! I love the way she builds up the other ladies in her life and how joy and excitement just radiate out of her! 

She's a personal trainer and self love advocate! I'm dreaming of getting in the gym with her, with my wedding quickly approaching I'm dying to learn from this girl boss! I know she'd whip my booty right into shape! 

Get to know Miss M better below! I adore her. <3 And be sure to watch for more blogs of this babe in the coming months! 

  • I feel excited

    I feel excited when I move up in weight in my workouts. When my body becomes stronger, I know I am doing something right!



  • I feel proud

I am proud of how far I have come as a woman and wanted to celebrate that. I have come into my looks and personality the last few years. I love what I have become.



  • I feel vulnerable

    There was a certain vulnerability during my boudoir session, that I had never felt before. I was free. I could pose and dress any way I wanted. That was all up to me. In every day life, we have certain expectations on how we look or what is appropriate, but during my session I could just be me.


  • I feel angry

I have become upset with how society has molded the definition of beauty. Also, how women who have self love are shamed. Every woman has the right to feel comfortable and confident in her body. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to believe that.



  • I feel great

I feel great when I help people. I love helping people in every day life. It's one the reasons I became a personal trainer. I get joy from other people reaching their goals.




  • I feel confident

    I feel confident in my body. All its curves and how it has drastically changed in the last few months. I feel confident in my smile for the first time in my life, after having braces for two and a half years. It is something I want to show off instead of hide.



  • I feel most powerful

I feel most powerful when I hit a record weight in my workouts.



  • I really admire people who

    I admire people who stand up for what they believe in with conviction.



  • My favorite rule to break is

    I make my own rules.


  • My best advice is

    My advice to other women is it is okay to put yourself first. Learn who you are!



  • I build up other women by

    I build up other women by being encouraging and supportive. I always try to let every woman out there know they are special.



  • To me being Fearlessly Feminine means

    Accepting all your imperfections and realizing you are irreplaceable and unique.


Make Up: Kana Brown with The Beauty Room
Hair Stylist: Jessica Dedmond