How to Pick a Swimsuit | Workout Wednesday

This blog inspiration comes to you straight from Las Vegas. I recently was in Vegas and was completely blown away by the number of swimsuits I saw that were NOT properly fitted. I am all for girl bosses and being proud of what you have, but girls…lets enhance our bodies, not draw attention to any imperfections! This blog will give a few steps to follow when you are out shopping for your next itty bitty bikini!

  • Know your body type! What shape are you? Pear, Hourglass, apple? Know your body and own it girl!
  • Prepare Yourself! Do the proper shaving in areas needed to adequately try on a suit and see if you like it. 
  • Choose a store that fits YOUR needs. Are you a little busty? Try a store that specializes in custom suits to best fit your body.  
  • Choose the right color and fabric. Pick a tone that enhances your skin tone and a fabric that makes you feel light and sexy!
  • Choose a swimsuit cut that shows your curves. A bikini? Tankini? 1940’s high waisted? One piece? Boy short? It doesn’t matter, pick a cut that hugs you and shows just how boss you are!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Many employees are happy to assist in this area. You want to ask someone who will be HONEST with you and help you look your BEST!

Summer is around the corner, get out there and shop for that perfect swimsuit. Turn some heads, but in a good way! Every woman is beautiful and strong, own your body and make it the best this summer!