Summer Resolutions | Fearlessly Frank

The New Year may be in January, but my resolutions don't kick in until summer starts. Usually, all spring long I tell myself I have to get "summer-ready," and while I do want to look good in all my cute new swimsuits I impulse-bought on Amazon at 3 am, I still want to make sure I enjoy my summer. So, I figured I would make a list of 10 "resolutions," or goals, that I want to be able to check off by the end of the warmer months.

1. Travel and push myself to try new things

2. Attend lots of pool parties

3. Go to the gym for all of the booty gains


4. Be confident enough to wear my bikini while eating all the food at barbecues


5. Get a nice medium between "glowy" tan and "Jersey Shore" tan


6. Spend time with friends I haven't seen in a while


7. Spend time with myself


8. Enjoy the sun, but remember sunscreen

9. Be consistent in cardio so my heart can handle all the love in my life right now

10. Spend less time sleeping in, and spend more time sleeping in the sun. Because the early bird gets the afternoon nap! 

I may add to the list later, but these are the things I think I'll need for an amazing and unforgettable summer so far!

Let me know in the comments what you're putting on your own list, or what you think I should add to mine!

Happy Summer,

Xo Frank