Fearlessly Feminine Does Europe! | Destination Boudoir Sessions in Italy and France

The idea for destination boudoir sessions has always been in the back of my mind.

Going on a literal journey with clients to locations that are as breathtaking as the women I photograph is the dream. Between traveling to Utah for an outdoor session and my adventures all over Europe last year, I knew I needed to make a destination boudoir experience happen ASAP.

It was fitting that the idea for a European boudoir experience came while talking to my Utah Fearlessly Feminine client. She and her husband were in town for Christmas and stopped by our old house to look through her album, which she was giving him as a gift.

We sat around my kitchen table, flipping through the pages of her snowy mountain and salt flat shoot while drinking what was probably our second bottle of wine when someone -- probably her husband -- said “wouldn’t it be really cool to do one of these when we are in Paris next year?”

The rest is basically history. After they left, I immediately got to work with my team to figure out how we could make this experience possible.

And here we are, more than nine months from that day at my kitchen table, about to jet set to coastal Positano, Italy and romantic Paris, France to capture beautiful boudoir sessions -- and yes, this couple is doing one too!

Make sure to follow us on social media so you can see what this experience is all about. Over the next couple weeks, we will share behind the scenes photos from our sessions, snippets of these gorgeous cities, glimpses into the amazing cuisine from Italy and France, and lingerie shopping in Paris!

I’m so thrilled that I have so many incredible new and repeat clients joining me on this first big destination boudoir experience. We haven’t even left for this trip, and I’m already dreaming about our next one.

Where would you want to go for a destination boudoir shoot?