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Miss E | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Miss E came to me one day and told me she was ready for a fearlessly feminine session and I jumped for joy.. literally! I love getting my girls in front of the camera! Miss E is not only a badass babe in front of a camera, but she's also part of the ASP/FF team! And as you know, we believe in girl power, and owning your body. She's perfect example of confidence and self-love, and we wanted to celebrate her with a shoot that showcased her femininity. 

Miss E is a student and amazing artist! This girl does it all, and she looks fantastic while she does it.

Miss E, we couldn't be happier to have you on the team! Sara and I had so much fun working on your session and celebrating you! You're gorgeous and we adore you! Thanks for being your detail oriented, email sending, photography passionate self!  


Cool Summer Treats | Fearlessly Fit

Yes, it's hot. Like, humid and nasty hot some days. I'm just as guilty as craving a giant bowl of ice cream to cool off. Buuuut, I restrain. Here is what I grab when I'm hot and have a bad sweet tooth!

Chilled Naners w/ PB: Cut a Banana into 8-10 pieces. Throw some peanut butter in the middle. Smash the 2 pieces together, freeze. After about an hour, the naner is frozen and the result is pure delicious bites!

Ice Cream Sandwich: Buy Fat free Graham crackers and fat free cool whip. Assemble sandwiches and freeze for a couple hours. Dip the sandwich in chocolate walden farms syrup and WHOAH...YUM!

Frozen Grapes: That’s it. Freeze grapes and enjoy poolside. So satisfying! Try these and see what you think!

There is always a healthy option!

Miss L| Evansville, Indiana Photographer

Working with Miss L was such an incredible experience. I know the whole process was something new and out of her comfort zone, but she embraced it fabulously! As soon as we started her session her confidence, strength and self love started to shine. I love how her personality is vibrant in all of the images!

Miss L, you're beautiful inside and out! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these images and for openly expressing how a Fearlessly Feminine session made you feel! Your "love everyone" mentality is something everyone should aspire to have. It was a pleasure getting to know you and witnessing your tribe shower you with love and support! Nothing makes me happier than seeing a group of best friends building each other up!   


I feel excited that these pictures have helped me feel more like a woman.

I feel proud that I went through with the whole process! Totally out of my comfort zone!

I feel vulnerable sharing the pictures, even to my husband. When I first sent the link to him my heart was racing until he finally responded.

I feel angry that I was so nervous about this. I almost didn't go through with it several times. I was just as nervous to see the pictures and there was no reason to be; they came out awesome!

I feel great seeing others' reactions to the photos. I brought two of my best friends to the viewing and they made me feel great about all of them.

I feel confident - Finally! I needed a confidence booster. Becoming a mom changes everything about you, especially your body. I totally needed to see myself in a different way and I'm so glad I did!

I feel most powerful being a mom. I love being a mom and I love watching my daughter grow and learn from the things I am teaching her.

I really admire people who build each other up!

My favorite rule to break is eating ice cream for breakfast with my girl.

My best advice is to love - love everyone and everything! Who has time to be mad and hateful all the time?


To me, being Fearlessly Feminine means to love being you!

Do More, Wear Less Workshop | Evansville Indiana Photographer

The first time I saw Ewan’s work, I was interested, deeply interested. He photographs in a way that’s impossible to casually scroll by. In the social media sea of being over exposed to images, his work makes you feel something right to your core. Whether it's love or hate, he makes you feel. And for me it was immediate love.  

I appreciate your support as my business and style evolve. My goal is less perfection and more passion. To photograph in a way that forces you to feel.  


Workout Wednesday | Evansville Indiana Photographer


Summer is here as we know it, so let’s get that bikini body ready! Here are 21 tips (3 weeks’ worth) to a new and better body! Are you up for the challenge?

  • Make a grocery Plan
  • MOVE
  • Drink more water
  • Try a new workout
  • Drink green tea
  • Prep your food
  • Sleep more
  • Watch your portions
  • Journal your journey
  • Eat more fiber
  • Prepare a menu for the week for the family
  • Eat less sugar
  • Create a workout playlist
  • Read food labels
  • Eat Protein at every meal
  • Check ingredients
  • Have a workout buddy
  • Try supplements
  • Set goals
  • Push yourself
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Let’s get that bikini out you have been dying to wear- its time! 


Miss B | Evansville boudoir photography

Miss B was just great to work with!   I love girls willing to get out of their comfort zone!  Miss B did her session as a gift for her man, but i'm so glad she did it for herself too!  Because this girl radiates in front of the camera!  Most of her pictures were reserved for his eyes only, but I'm so happy she decided to share a couple!  I just love this girls baby blues!  


This is what Miss B has to say about her session:

"I really enjoyed my fearlessly feminine session and loved the way my photos turned out.  I felt comfortable during the shoot, it was exciting and fun.  The photos showed me how I really look and gave me more confidence .  It's definitely something I'd recommend everyone do at least once in their life!" 


Goal Digger: Monday Mantra | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

Hustle.   Aspire to do great things. There's nothing more attractive than a woman with ambition.  

Be a Goal Digger!  Design a life you love and make no apologies.  Goal Diggers aim to be resilient, self sufficient women who take on their life in full force!   

Challenge for this week? Write down your goals!! Why? Because people that do are astronomically more successful than those that don't!  Check out this great study here.  

Don't hold back, dream big and make all those awesome goals a reality!   

All about that plank: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Fit

Planks are one of the best exercises that you can do for your body. When you hold a plank you are working so many different muscles in your body, this is something that not every exercise can do.

In today's workout I have added a 5 minute plank workout. Trust me, 5 minutes seems like it would be nothing, but your muscles will be burning after this workout.

When you do different variations of planks, you work different muscles. So, in this workout, you will not only be working your core muscles, you will be working your shoulders, arms, obliques and most importantly your booty!


Five minutes is the perfect amount of time that you could do this workout everyday. Although, make sure to give your body some rest. Increasing the amount of time you hold your planks will make this workout even tougher.

You could also add in a couple of other exercises, like squats or lunges to make it a full workout. Try adding this to your next workout routine and I bet you'll feel the burn!!

Mountain Climbing | Monday Mantra

I'm not really an outdoorsy girl.  There are a lot of aspects about it that just aren't my thing.  But  the end goal always pushes me through the bugs, sweat and discomfort.  I have a deep desire to climb a mountain just to take in that view from the top.  Keep your eye on the prize in this way with all your goals! (real mountains and mountains of paperwork)  When focused on how satisfying the end result is going to be its easier to push through the routine.  Take each day this week one step at a time!  You'll feel like queen of the world standing on top of that mountain!  And you'll be moving onto the next goal with a positive outlook. 

Take Chances | Monday Mantra

It seems these days you notice more people standing by and watching and less people doing. People are scared to take the chance of being embarrassed, or getting hurt. But in order to live life to the fullest we have to get out of our shell and take chances. Everyday. Don't be so focused on what others will think. Live your life for you.

Happy Halloween | Fearlessly Feminine

Happy Halloween Fearlessly Feminine babes!  Have your ever considered incorporating a theme into your Fearlessly Feminine Session?  Maybe your man just really loves a clean house so a french maid outfit would be fun!  I know lots of my fearlessly feminine girls love to bring their boots!  And I really love the fringe outfit below to go with them!  Your Fearlessly Feminine Session should be a really fun representation of you! 

Make Something Marvelous | Monday Mantra

Can you look at a heart drawn in the sand on a beach and say "The waves have made this beautiful drawing"? Of course not. Someone took something as simple as their finger and used it to make something beautiful. But without their effort you wouldn't have seen the marvelous beauty of something so simple. Apply that to your life. Look at the things you want and don't just wait for them to happen. Make them happen.

HITT Workout | Fearlessly Fit

  A HITT workout is my favorite kind of workout. Firstly, HITT means high intensity interval training. This is my favorite kind of workout because it's quick and powerful.

  If you're like me you have a busy lifestyle, you don't have 2 hours to work out every day. HITT workouts can take as short as 15 minutes. Check out this workout listed below. It's perfect because it involves simple movements, but trust me you'll be sore tomorrow. Good luck my fearlessly fit girls!! 


Love YOU: Monday Mantra | Fearlessly Feminine

I feel like learning to love yourself and letting that be enough is one of the hardest things to accomplish.  But once you figure it out its much harder for other people to bring you down.  No one can dim your light when you're not relying on anyone else for it to shine.  Know your heart, invest in yourself and find what makes you happy.  The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.  

Miss Emily | Fearlessly Feminine Friday

I love a girl that is all about focusing her Fearlessly Feminine session on celebrating herself!  What a beautiful time in your life to document!  I love my 20's and I love other fearlessly feminine babes that know how to embrace theirs!  Emily is a runner and works super hard! I had a great time taking her portraits! 

This is what Emily had to say about her session

"I had the best time getting my pictures taken!  Alisha made me feel so comfortable with myself and she just made me feel absolutely beautiful.  My pictures were amazing!  She is so talented and so professional!" 


For Love and Lemons | How to Wear it Wednesday

I love these For Love and Lemons bralettes! They're so bold and stylish!  If you're looking to make a statement at your Fearlessly Feminine session these are some great options!  Pair one with some great heels and gold jewelry!  

Wear your beautiful bralette into fall underneath a beautiful backless sweater like this one! Pair it with jeans and black heels for a fabulous evening outfit! 

This top can be purchase from Single Thread Boutique  here! 

This top can be purchase from Single Thread Boutique here! 

Then get excited to bring you for Love and Lemons bralette on vacation in the spring!  My favorite way to wear my bralette is under a tank top or backless shirt! 

Have to Courage to Ask | Monday Mantra

Have the courage to ask for what you want!  I know this seems so basic but when I really took this to heart it opened a lot of doors for me.  I mean the worst someone can say is no!  But so many times people say yes and it leads to amazing things you'd never had, unless you had the courage to ask!  Just make sure when you're asking for things, you're also giving an equal amount or more in return!  Be grateful for the people that take chances on you as you chase your dreams!  

What if you fly | Monday Mantra

Don't ever let fear stop you from doing amazing things.  From where i'm standing i'd rather fail than never try.  Take a risk this week Fearlessly Feminine babes!  Start a business, tell someone you love them, share or begin writing a blog.  Whatever it is just do something that scares you!      Overcome the fear and give yourself a chance to soar.  

Bridal | How to Wear it Wednesday

Some of my favorite Fearlessly Feminine sessions are spent with brides celebrating their upcoming weddings!  My brides love these sessions because not only is a great gift for their groom but it's an amazing experience for them.  In the spirt of that were talking about bridal lingerie!  

For Bridal I love little lace details! Body suits and rompers are a great way to start the session.  I love all these flirty pieces.  Details are important so make sure that your engagement ring is shining bright!  I also love the midi ring and high waisted trend this year. Either would make a great addition to a 2014 fearlessly feminine session! 

For Bridal I love little lace details! Body suits and rompers are a great way to start the session.  I love all these flirty pieces.  Details are important so make sure that your engagement ring is shining bright!  I also love the midi ring and high waisted trend this year. Either would make a great addition to a 2014 fearlessly feminine session! 

These fancy white bra and panty sets are amazing and sure to make you feel glamorous!  This is also a great day to break in your wedding shoes.  Many brides buy special heels for their big day!  Bring them along and we'll show them off without the dress hiding your feet!  

These fancy white bra and panty sets are amazing and sure to make you feel glamorous!  This is also a great day to break in your wedding shoes.  Many brides buy special heels for their big day!  Bring them along and we'll show them off without the dress hiding your feet!