Sweet + Salty : February | Evansville Boudoir photography

I don't know if you loved Saved by the Bell as a kid, but at my house, it's all I watched after school. Now, as as adult, I own all the seasons on DVD (zero shame!). They're also available now on Netflix -- You're welcome.  All of which leads me to me this month's Sweet + Salty Awards!

I'm here to tell you about the things that made me go SWEET! and melt into a puddle of cuteness or fist pump because it's just that awesome, and I'm moaning about the things that made me feel SALTY. You know, those pesky little happenings that feel make you feel like the universe is just being plain rude?  

This month's SWEET awards go to..... 

• Clearly Jimmy Fallon bringing Saved by the Bell back into my life. Seriously, what a great surprise! Fist pumps all around!

• Having so much fun at the Galentine's Day party and welcoming in SO many amazing new clients.  I've been enjoying pinning to your mood boards and I can't wait until your sessions! 

•  All my shows are back on! I officially don't have to edit in silence!! 

• TriState K9 University and training collars.  Turns out I have a very well behaved dog when she's provided the appropriate discipline.  Dakota and I really enjoy working with Bobbie (the trainer) and highly recommend her classes!  

This month's SALTY awards go to..... 

• All this snow and ice!! I hate cold weather enough as it is!  I'm over having to cancel sessions due to weather, and I'm ready to get out of the house!  In the winter I hibernate, and this bear is ready for SPRING! 

• Grocery shopping.  I hate it, so I don't do it... then I feel guilty.  It's a vicious cycle.   

• Car shopping. Plain and simple: it's straight awful, and it's time for me to look for a new one.  Don't get me wrong... I love cars and shopping, but the process of finding the perfect new car is totally daunting. (Wish me luck!) 

What are your Sweet + Salty Awards this week?