The life you live: Monday Mantra | Evansville Boudoir Photographer

With Mother's Day quickly approaching (and the Dove Legacy ads melting my heart), I thought this was a perfect time to send a Monday Mantra out to my mommas!  

Daughters learn how to treat, speak about and love themselves from their moms.  They hear you complain about what you don't love about yourself, but how often do they see you celebrating what you do love?  


Teach your baby girl how to feel amazing about herself by showing her that you feel amazing about you!  A beauty or boudoir session might feel like an "all about you" gift, and I'll tell you all day that it should be and you deserve it!   But I also believe it's more importantly an example of value and self love to those little eyes that watch you all the time.  


By far, my favorite part of my job is celebrating women!   Let me capture you for all time!  Let me show you how beautiful you are!  You deserve it!  

 And then, while you're already all dolled up and feeling amazing, let's spend a little time photographing you with your family! 


Photography: Alisha Sims 

Hair Stylsit: Maryann Krup

Make up: Kate Scott