Miss K | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer

I love working with Miss K! She's confident, beautiful, and a seriously hard worker! She did this session for herself and her new husband as a surprise. What a perfect wedding present to give the love of your life! 

She absolutely blew us away at her shoot with her willingness to try new things and fun poses; I'm so happy with how these images turned out, and I feel so blessed to get to work with this babe! 

Below Miss K shares about her session; I love how she talks about how beautiful the process made her feel and the way she encourages other women to participate in something like this for themselves as well! 


Why did you choose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot?

I chose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot because I wanted to do something special for myself and for my fiance.


What was your favorite part of the experience?

The whole experience was out of my comfort zone. I got my hair and makeup done. I got to wear sexy lingerie. Seeing the photos was my favorite part. It made me feel beautiful.


How did your boudoir session make you feel?

I was nervous at the beginning. I didn't know how to pose. Through the session, I became more comfortable and confident.


Would you do another Fearlessly Feminine shoot?


Would you recommend a session like this to anyone else? If so, who?

Any woman!


What did you do to prepare for the shoot?

I bought a few new outfits. I took extra care of my skin and face including a hot bath the night before, eating well and drinking plenty of water.


What image was your favorite?

Honestly, I love all of the images I chose. The image that shows my booty is probably the favorite one. I think that is one of my best features.

What products did you decide on? Are you happy with your choice?

I chose the black leather book. I wanted it to be a surprise!


Sugar, Sugar... It's Everywhere! | Workout Wednesday

If I offered you a million dollars, could you hold your breath underwater for 15 minutes? Unless you’re an amphibian, the answer will be 'No.' The brain’s innate drive for oxygen would override any “willpower” to win the prize. If you’re currently living on a steady diet of sugar-enhanced foods, your brain is similarly re-wired, demanding that next “hit.” Your willpower has as much of a chance at resistance as the ability to keep your body underwater.

We know sugar is not a healthy substance. You see, I was once a sugar addict. When teaching 8 hours daily at school, a few bags of Skittles or M&Ms would be my “high” along with about 4 Diet Cokes or Diet Dews. But I realized that these sugar hits always led to a crash — and then a craving for even more — which made it clear to me that it was time to make a change.

Sugar acts within the brain’s “Reward Center” mechanism (it’s like the brain’s equivalent of the elementary school Gold Star chart) Upon eating sugar, your brain releases Dopamine, our favorite “feel good” hormone, which is the same one that’s triggered by other pleasure mechanisms like sex or exercise. Through the same mechanisms as drug addiction, frequent sugar intake means that the brain eventually gets accustomed to that high and become less sensitive to sugar. So, to get the same rush, your brain requires more and more sugar over time.

Here’s how it works: You eat a sugary food, your blood sugar levels spike, and your body releases Dopamine and insulin (which triggers your body to store the sugar as fat). Then comes the “crash”: your sugar level plummets and you feel tired, hungry, and reach for the next sugary treat. It’s purely chemistry and these physical urges completely override your willpower and desire to eat healthy.

Look, we all know it's going to sneak in somewhere. You don’t need to become a biochemist to cut back, and you can still even have a sugary treat once in a while. But if you’re tired of this sugary chemistry experiment going on in your brain, follow these tips to at least minimize the majority of added sugar.

Learn its disguises: As tricky as this seems, sugar is almost never called just “sugar” on ingredient lists, so you have to be smart about spotting where it hides. Here are a few tricks: avoid anything ending in “-ose” like sucrose or maltrose. Look out for the buzzwords of “syrup,” “nectar,” “cane” and “sweetener.” And be mindful that even natural sugars, like agave or honey, still contribute to your daily sugar limit.

Cut Out Liquid Sugar: Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages? News flash — your brain doesn’t even recognize these calories as food, leading to a high and crash that will end with you eating even more.

DIY: You don’t have to completely cut out everything sweet; I don’t like my coffee black or my yogurt plain, but it’s a lot easier to control the amount of sugar you’re adding if you do it yourself. Add a half-packet to coffee instead of letting the barista talk you into a fancy, sweetened frap. Buy plain Greek yogurt and add berries and honey; I guarantee it will have less sugar than the fruit-flavored, sugar-laden packaged kind. As it often does, it comes down to a simple truth: it’s a lot easier to know what’s going on in your body if you control what you put into it.

Miss E | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Miss E came to me one day and told me she was ready for a fearlessly feminine session and I jumped for joy.. literally! I love getting my girls in front of the camera! Miss E is not only a badass babe in front of a camera, but she's also part of the ASP/FF team! And as you know, we believe in girl power, and owning your body. She's perfect example of confidence and self-love, and we wanted to celebrate her with a shoot that showcased her femininity. 

Miss E is a student and amazing artist! This girl does it all, and she looks fantastic while she does it.

Miss E, we couldn't be happier to have you on the team! Sara and I had so much fun working on your session and celebrating you! You're gorgeous and we adore you! Thanks for being your detail oriented, email sending, photography passionate self!  


Be the good: Monday Mantra: Evansville Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Today's Monday mantra is a challenge! To do something selfless and good for someone else.  The world is busy and generally selfish, good deeds no matter how small brighten things up.  

It can be as simple as paying someone a genuine compliment, taking out the trash for you husband, or picking up someone ones coffee.   Loving others with acts of kindness where you're not expecting appreciation or acknowledgement is bound to do your heart some good as well!  

Mountain Climbing | Monday Mantra

I'm not really an outdoorsy girl.  There are a lot of aspects about it that just aren't my thing.  But  the end goal always pushes me through the bugs, sweat and discomfort.  I have a deep desire to climb a mountain just to take in that view from the top.  Keep your eye on the prize in this way with all your goals! (real mountains and mountains of paperwork)  When focused on how satisfying the end result is going to be its easier to push through the routine.  Take each day this week one step at a time!  You'll feel like queen of the world standing on top of that mountain!  And you'll be moving onto the next goal with a positive outlook. 

Take Chances | Monday Mantra

It seems these days you notice more people standing by and watching and less people doing. People are scared to take the chance of being embarrassed, or getting hurt. But in order to live life to the fullest we have to get out of our shell and take chances. Everyday. Don't be so focused on what others will think. Live your life for you.

Happy Halloween | Fearlessly Feminine

Happy Halloween Fearlessly Feminine babes!  Have your ever considered incorporating a theme into your Fearlessly Feminine Session?  Maybe your man just really loves a clean house so a french maid outfit would be fun!  I know lots of my fearlessly feminine girls love to bring their boots!  And I really love the fringe outfit below to go with them!  Your Fearlessly Feminine Session should be a really fun representation of you! 

Monday Mantra: This is your dream


Sometimes it's hard to be motivated on cloudy Monday. Then I remember that I today I got to wake up and work on something I am passionate about. I get to continue building a career I love. I get to work with smart, beautiful, inspiring women. I get to make things that were previously out of my comfort zone part of my beautiful life. Sure, the long list of things I have to accomplish today is daunting, but when I'm done I'll have achieved a little bit more of my dreams.

Monday Mantra: Show up. Give it all you got. This is your dream, kid.


Monday Mantra: Wishbone vs. Backbone

Create a life you want.  Take a risk.  Dare to dream a little bigger.  Stop wishing and start making your beautiful dreams a reality. 

This quote always makes me feel fierce and driven.  Which is a great way to kick off the week!  Live fearless and fabulous ladies! 

Introducing Sara Jasper: Fearlessly Fit

Hi, My name is Sarah and I’m working exclusively with Alisha to help her clients get  their bodacious bodies into prime photography form. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 5 years, helping clients with fitness, lifestyles changes, and diet. I have a degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Health Promotion.  Outside of my passion for helping people feel great about themselves I also love cheesecake, red wine, french bulldogs (or puppies in general), the state of Ohio (go bucks!), and a great pair of shoes.

What does it mean to be fearlessly fit? It means not feeling guilty about that last bite of succulent cheesecake, or that handful of chips. It means being fearless in your own body. It is not a long grueling workout seven days a week, or a crash diet. Being fearlessly fit is a lifestyle change that you can make to get you feeling and looking AMAZING. Too many times we hear clients that want to do photo shoots, but are just waiting to “lose just 10 more pounds”, or “just tone up a little more”. Well guess what ladies, I’m here to help! Making small changes in your day-to-day lifestyle are GUARANTEED to make you feel great, lose weight, and tone up!  Time after time my clients have gotten to where they have not only lost weight and toned up, but KEPT IT OFF!  Today is the day to make a change with your lifestyle to becoming a healthier individual. Whether you want to tone up right before an upcoming session, or you want to book a session 3,6, or 9 months from now, I am here to help!  

My program doesn't involve a gym membership, or hundreds of dollars at the grocery store to change your diet.  I am going to show you how to become a fearlessly fit female by changing just small things you already do day to day. I hope you are ready to take this journey with us! 
Sarah Jasper

Learning to be a Love Her not a Hate Her | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

One of my favorite things about my new brand is being able to empower the women, whether its showing them an beautiful image of themselves or in this case encouraging someone to use this platform to speak out about something they believe in!  I'm so excited to introduce you to my first ever guest blogger, Karen!  She's a great writer with an amazing message. 

IMG_6884x 5x7 Mel ML (38).jpg

Women are amazing creatures. Our bodies are superhero-cape worthy vessels. Seriously- the female body can create life, make food, heal small wounds with a simple kiss, ease troubles with its embrace, and walk in high heels for hours without keeling over in excruciating pain! My female friends are as diverse in their personalities as they are in body shape, and they are all absolutely impressive human beings. Unfortunately one thing we all have in common is a negative body image. I asked some women to recall some of their most memorable body comments and here are a few they came up with:

• “… that If I didn't stop eating (I'd had a salad) that I would end up being "shaped just like your Aunt - Tall and fat, built like a man" -Jessica

• When I was 12-- TWELVE-- and wanted braces to correct my crooked teeth (still uncorrected to this day) "Braces would only be cosmetic for you, and you have bigger problems there than just your teeth." -Em


• “My boobs would make the next guy run because they were that hideous!!” -Abigail

• Your ass is too big. -Liz

• “If you don’t eat today, you are one day closer to being less disgusting.” –Karen

I would love to say I was shocked and amazed, but I wasn’t. The most troublesome feeling was that this is normal. This is every day, no big deal “girl” talk. These are the voices of our family and friends. The first comment was from Jessica’s grandmother. The second was from Em’s dentist. The third was made by Abigail’s (now ex) boyfriend. The forth was from Liz’s female friend. The last one was what I used to tell the mirror. One of my closest and most respected friends recalled how her dad and brother used to tell her how fat and ugly she was until she would leave the dinner table. This is a woman I view as nothing less than amazing. She is generous, hilarious, and when I imagine where I’d be today without her support, my stomach turns.  So why is this happening?  What’s the solution?  Should we all just try harder be Barbie doll copies or idealistic fashion models?

Almost two years ago I met a girl at a Christmas party. The minute I saw her I knew I didn’t like her.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  She was blonde and perky, with a perfect body and a radiance that lit up the room.  She didn’t even have to try.  She was the embodiment of every popular girl in high school that was mean to me, every girl a boyfriend had left me for, and everything I was not.  My mother raised me to be polite, so I was.  We talked as our significant others left us to fend for ourselves.  Her stunning façade crumbled as our conversation carried on effortlessly.  She morphed from a beautiful girl I was sure I didn’t like to an incredible woman with amazing talent I couldn’t wait to get to know better.  I know her better now, and I love her. Oh yes, and, side note- she’s still just as beautiful.  Her contribution surprised me only because I was ashamed to have not realized how hypocritical women (I) can be. 

• “You’re cute, good thing because it’s the only thing about you worth noticing.” –Alisha

It seems that no woman can escape.  That's what years of dating the wrong guys taught Alisha.  No wonder we struggle so much just trying to get comfortable in our own skin.  It’s inexplicably ridiculous how we can look at our female friends and see beauty that they cannot see in themselves.  We see the exact qualities in our friends that we fail to recognize in ourselves.  We protect our close friends like a lioness protecting her cubs. No one messes with our girls.  But in walks a new girl and the claws come out.  We make the same snap judgments we have defended ourselves from.  She’s gorgeous with big boobs so she’s a bitch.  She’s fat so she must be lazy.  She’s thin so she must be anorexic.  She is wearing that she must be a slut.  Sometimes these judgments stay locked in our brains, waiting for proof before the verdict escape our mouths, but not often enough.

Our negativity towards any female’s body for whatever reason only breeds sickness and shame. It infects our mothers and sisters, our friends and enemies, and most tragically the little girls who know we are beautiful.  If you have a daughter, great, if not it’s never too late for a little imagination- I have a challenge for you.  Let your “daughter” be your conscience.  Before you say anything about another woman, ask yourself- would I say this to/about my daughter?  When you look in the mirror and that nagging voice chatters on about your insecurity ask- Do I want my daughter to think these things?

For the sake of your fellow women, please put on your superhero cape and rock it with confidence.  Show everyone how you translate “beauty” and let’s rebuild our gender.  We are strong as individuals, but unstoppable as friends.  Tell yourself what you love about you.  Tell your friends why you’re lucky to have them.  Give a woman you “don’t like” a chance to be your friend.  And don’t stop there. 

Tell me why you’re beautiful.


Fearlessly Feminine Launch Party | Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Fearlessly Feminine Launch Party!  It was so much fun!!  In my opinion there's nothing better than a great girls night out!  Especially one focused purely on celebrating!  A HUGE thank you to all the ladies who booked a session!  I can't wait to work with you!  And one more thank you to my awesome vendors for their support and great prizes!  You ladies make what I do for a living so crazy amazing.  My heart is so full!  

Big thanks to my rocking bar tender for making some great drinks! The Dreamer was my personal favorite! 

Big thanks to my rocking bar tender for making some great drinks! The Dreamer was my personal favorite! 


LAUNCH PARTY | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

Ladies I've been talking to my amazing sponsors and I'm SO very excited to announce the prizes we'll be giving away at the party.  You're going to want to get those RSVP's in right away!

Sara Kamman, owner of Single Thread Boutique, is giving away a $25 gift certificate and with all the summer dresses she's putting out, good luck trying to just pick one!  I went in yesterday and came home with three!

Kana Brown, editor of Love IT!, (The new online magazine directed toward women in the Evansville area)  Is giving away a facial!  Take it from a girl that has experienced this first hand, its so relaxing, in the most amazing way!  Want to check out the awesome new magazine? You can see the first issue here! 

Kassy Lauer, owner of Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns, is giving away a summer dress from her new line of casual clothes!  Stop by her shop, check out all the glam and sparkle and envision yourself getting your portrait taken in one of her amazing dresses! 

Hanna Williams, owner of Ciseaux Fusion Salon, is giving away a $30 gift certificate.  Hanna does hair for MANY of my senior and beauty sessions.  I highly recommend her!!  You'll leave her salon feeling totally glamorous, I know I did when she made me over for my Valentine's Day date!  

The final prize given out will be a double makeover and photo shoot for you and friend from yours truly!  This prize is a ticket to the ultimate girls day out!  You'll feel fabulous getting all dolled up in hair and makeup!  From there i'll walk you each through your own magazine style photo shoot in your carefully chosen couture gown. 

I also have many amazing sponsors for the swag bags that will be handed out!  I'll leave that as a surprise; be sure to come and see all the excitement for yourself!   

 Just attending the party gets you an entry into these amazing drawings!  As a bonus for everyone that RSVP's, i'll be sending out way to get extra drawing entries next week!  Can't wait to see you there!  (You don't have to be present during the drawings to win but you MUST  attend to put your entries in!)