Monday Mantra

Be the good: Monday Mantra: Evansville Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Today's Monday mantra is a challenge! To do something selfless and good for someone else.  The world is busy and generally selfish, good deeds no matter how small brighten things up.  

It can be as simple as paying someone a genuine compliment, taking out the trash for you husband, or picking up someone ones coffee.   Loving others with acts of kindness where you're not expecting appreciation or acknowledgement is bound to do your heart some good as well!  

Monday Mantra: This year I will be | Evansville Boudoir Photography

Happy New Year Fearlessly Feminine babes! Life is all about living a life you love.  Head into this year with an open heart and a lot of spirit! Be furiously intense in the direction of your dreams!  

What are your goals for the year? Tell me all about them!  

Mine you ask? 
Personally, to travel... I'm so excited to get to take a long vacation with my main man and see some great new countries!

Professionally, to keep up on this blog consistently and share my work more!  I love photographing and sharing all your incredible stories!

Scandal: Monday Mantra | Evansville Boudoir Photography

Do I have any Scandal fans out there?  I don't know about you ladies but I love Olivia Pope.  I love her strength, self confidence and her oh so classy wardrobe!  This is my favorite quote from her to date.  I love fierce women who believe in themselves and don't let other people control their happiness.  

This year I really had to do some pruning in my life to weed out the people that brought down my happiness.  It was uncomfortable and sometimes it meant dancing to my own beat alone on the dance floor.  

I firmly believe its important to guard your heart from things and people that stress you out and just don't jive with the happy dance you're rocking out to!   Stand firm, have a glass of wine,  and be fine with dancing alone!  


Goal Digger: Monday Mantra | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

Hustle.   Aspire to do great things. There's nothing more attractive than a woman with ambition.  

Be a Goal Digger!  Design a life you love and make no apologies.  Goal Diggers aim to be resilient, self sufficient women who take on their life in full force!   

Challenge for this week? Write down your goals!! Why? Because people that do are astronomically more successful than those that don't!  Check out this great study here.  

Don't hold back, dream big and make all those awesome goals a reality!   

Mountain Climbing | Monday Mantra

I'm not really an outdoorsy girl.  There are a lot of aspects about it that just aren't my thing.  But  the end goal always pushes me through the bugs, sweat and discomfort.  I have a deep desire to climb a mountain just to take in that view from the top.  Keep your eye on the prize in this way with all your goals! (real mountains and mountains of paperwork)  When focused on how satisfying the end result is going to be its easier to push through the routine.  Take each day this week one step at a time!  You'll feel like queen of the world standing on top of that mountain!  And you'll be moving onto the next goal with a positive outlook. 

Take Chances | Monday Mantra

It seems these days you notice more people standing by and watching and less people doing. People are scared to take the chance of being embarrassed, or getting hurt. But in order to live life to the fullest we have to get out of our shell and take chances. Everyday. Don't be so focused on what others will think. Live your life for you.

Love YOU: Monday Mantra | Fearlessly Feminine

I feel like learning to love yourself and letting that be enough is one of the hardest things to accomplish.  But once you figure it out its much harder for other people to bring you down.  No one can dim your light when you're not relying on anyone else for it to shine.  Know your heart, invest in yourself and find what makes you happy.  The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.  

What if you fly | Monday Mantra

Don't ever let fear stop you from doing amazing things.  From where i'm standing i'd rather fail than never try.  Take a risk this week Fearlessly Feminine babes!  Start a business, tell someone you love them, share or begin writing a blog.  Whatever it is just do something that scares you!      Overcome the fear and give yourself a chance to soar.  

Monday Mantra: This is your dream


Sometimes it's hard to be motivated on cloudy Monday. Then I remember that I today I got to wake up and work on something I am passionate about. I get to continue building a career I love. I get to work with smart, beautiful, inspiring women. I get to make things that were previously out of my comfort zone part of my beautiful life. Sure, the long list of things I have to accomplish today is daunting, but when I'm done I'll have achieved a little bit more of my dreams.

Monday Mantra: Show up. Give it all you got. This is your dream, kid.


Monday Mantra: Wishbone vs. Backbone

Create a life you want.  Take a risk.  Dare to dream a little bigger.  Stop wishing and start making your beautiful dreams a reality. 

This quote always makes me feel fierce and driven.  Which is a great way to kick off the week!  Live fearless and fabulous ladies!