Miss B | Evansville boudoir photography

Miss B was just great to work with!   I love girls willing to get out of their comfort zone!  Miss B did her session as a gift for her man, but i'm so glad she did it for herself too!  Because this girl radiates in front of the camera!  Most of her pictures were reserved for his eyes only, but I'm so happy she decided to share a couple!  I just love this girls baby blues!  


This is what Miss B has to say about her session:

"I really enjoyed my fearlessly feminine session and loved the way my photos turned out.  I felt comfortable during the shoot, it was exciting and fun.  The photos showed me how I really look and gave me more confidence .  It's definitely something I'd recommend everyone do at least once in their life!" 


What if you fly | Monday Mantra

Don't ever let fear stop you from doing amazing things.  From where i'm standing i'd rather fail than never try.  Take a risk this week Fearlessly Feminine babes!  Start a business, tell someone you love them, share or begin writing a blog.  Whatever it is just do something that scares you!      Overcome the fear and give yourself a chance to soar.  

Lady in the Water | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

I’ve been in the dark, been damaged

Thought I’d never feel passion again

But haven’t we all

I was searching for perfection then

For a worth or love that was definite

Less vulnerable than it is to validate yourself

A coward to redemption

Now I feel I am bearing witness to a whole gender

Finding no fault in their own skin

I want to walk beside beauty discovering itself

I want to ache with humanness

To feel insignificant

I want to feel only water clinging to me and

Make my peace with all the ripples in it

My reflection as a conduit
One has to nearly drown to gain the boldness to be raw

The most saturated beauty emerges in the wake of

One learning to love themselves fiercely


Monday Mantra: This is your dream


Sometimes it's hard to be motivated on cloudy Monday. Then I remember that I today I got to wake up and work on something I am passionate about. I get to continue building a career I love. I get to work with smart, beautiful, inspiring women. I get to make things that were previously out of my comfort zone part of my beautiful life. Sure, the long list of things I have to accomplish today is daunting, but when I'm done I'll have achieved a little bit more of my dreams.

Monday Mantra: Show up. Give it all you got. This is your dream, kid.


Miss E | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

Its Fearlessly Feminine Friday ladies!  So excited to be showcasing such a beautiful babe today! Miss E has lots of class and lots of sass.  I really enjoyed photographing her!  She rocked Paparazzi's dresses like a boss!  Celebrate yourselves ladies!  Celebrate your relationships!   You deserve it!    

This is what Miss E had to say about her experience:

"How to sum up my beauty and boudoir experience? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  My friend and I did the shoot on the same day so that help ease my nerves.  I was also nervous to have my makeup done by someone else but Alisha's hair and make up team made me look so fierce, I love it!  When I went to go pick out my pictures I planned on only getting an album but they all looked so good I couldn't choose!  So I had to get more than just an album!  My husband is defiantly going to love his surprise boudoir anniversary presents.  I highly recommend you let Alisha take beauty and boudoir pictures for you!  You will feel like a princess for a day and won't be disappointed- this girl is amazing with a camera"  


Baby Steps: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

Sometimes getting to the gym and getting a workout in seems like a daunting task. We all have busy lives and are trying to prepare for the next big thing. Being a gym rat isn't always necessary to get in shape. My biggest philosophy with health and wellness is that little steps make biggest impacts. SO instead of trying to make yourself get to the gym multiple times a week for hours on end, try some of my little tips. 

First off, TAKE THE STAIRS! Taking the stairs isn't going to change your life, but it will burn 5x the amount of calories that taking the elevator does. Again, like I mentioned before, small steps, make big changes.

Secondly, try adding a 10 minute workout to your daily routine. Mix about 3-4 different simple moves together to get a nice little workout to get your rear in gear (get it?). Simple moves can consist of squats, crunches, jumping jacks, wall push ups, or planks. Anything that gets you moving without using too much equipment. Adding in this 10 minute workout 3-4 times a week will help you burn extra calories all week long. Losing weight is a basic science of calories in versus calories out.

Just remember food should be consumed in moderation (especially the bad stuff). By adding in small changes in your life you will burn more and more calories which helps add in losing weight! If you have the time get out there and get your workouts in, but time should never be an excuse to help you get more fit. Remember your body is your own, and if you don't take care of it, where will you live?!


Monday Mantra: Wishbone vs. Backbone

Create a life you want.  Take a risk.  Dare to dream a little bigger.  Stop wishing and start making your beautiful dreams a reality. 

This quote always makes me feel fierce and driven.  Which is a great way to kick off the week!  Live fearless and fabulous ladies! 

Miss E | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Boudoir Photography

Miss E is someone very special to me!  She's beautiful inside and out.  I had the privilege of photographing her and her fiance's engagement session and I'm so excited to photograph their wedding in 2015!  I love when brides decide to celebrate this time in their life with beauty and boudoir portraits.     

But enough about what I love, this is what Miss E had to say about her beauty and boudoir experience:

"When I first got to my session I was super nervous but Alisha made me feel really comfortable and her hair and makeup team made me look beautiful!  By the end of the day the nerves were totally gone and I was incredibly happy with my pictures.  I love the experience and i recommend that if you get a chance to take pictures with Alisha, you do!" 


How She Wore It: Fearlessly Feminine Fashion

Today I'm talking about boudoir style!  I love fashionable dual purpose clothing.  You don't have to go out and buy a bunch of things you'll never wear again for your beauty and boudoir session.  Multipurpose and fabulous is the goal for my fearlessly feminine ladies!  This kimono is a beautiful example of how to transition pieces in your closet.    It's super sexy for boudoir pictures but also a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.  I'd also like to think this little beauty would make a really fun swimsuit cover up.  Miss S rocked this look for her session and for a night out with the girl friends after! 

Interested in shopping this look for yourself?  Shop local at Single Thread Boutique! This style can be found here.  


Loving me in Lingerie | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

I'm so excited to introduce a new friend of mine, Shayla!  She's a talented actress with so much drive.  I really enjoyed working with her and was so glad when she wanted to write a post about her experience.  I'm so thankful for positive, fearless ladies in my life!  I'm happy Shayla wanted to share some of her images, she looks AMAZING!  This is her story. 


If someone would have told me a couple weeks ago that I’d be staring at a professional photo of myself in lingerie and saying “Damn, I look good,” I would have laughed. 

But that’s just what I did a few hours ago.

Okay, let me back this train up a second and tell you a little bit more about me.

I’m a 27 year-old actress who has been in the theater world for over two decades now. This has led to me becoming a simultaneously confident and insecure woman.  As females, we put constant pressure on ourselves to live up to this Hollywood standard of beauty and I am no exception. Man, it gets hard in that head of mine sometimes! 

I’m the girl with the bigger arms. I’m sure that’s what people think. Bigger arms and a flabby stomach. I could stand to lose some weight. My legs are pretty good, but I could still tone up my butt.”

And on and on the movie plays in my mind.

So, when Alisha and I talked about doing a boudoir shoot, I was a little nervous, to say the least. I have this picture in my mind of who I am and I was afraid that’s who I would see in the pictures. 

But I decided to go for it. Alisha’s an incredibly talented photographer, I already knew that. Surely, I thought, she could get something out of me.

Little did I know, what she would “get out of me” has been there all along.

After a really refreshing boudoir session (read: drinking mimosas, lots of silliness and leaving feeling pretty darn fearless after spending a morning in my skivvies), I felt a little bit more excited about how these photos might turn out. 

Alisha had me over to her apartment downtown for my photo preview. It’s worth the session just to get to check this place out! There’s something about her apartment that makes you feel high fashion just by standing in it. She handed me a glass of wine (who could say no under these circumstances?), turned on “Blurred Lines,” and directed me to look toward her 70 inch screen where my shots would be debuted.  

The first picture floored me. Ummm…that’s ME! The second picture- BOOM. Another great one. As she continued to show me what she’d captured, it really started to hit me. I AM sexy. I AM gorgeous. And hot damn, I’m fabulous.

I started to realize that the woman I picture in my head isn’t reality. Alisha has the talent of finding what is special and unique about each of us. Her craft is sexy, yes, but also soft, subtle, and feminine. I ended up having a hard time picking which ones I liked the most because she gave me so many options to choose from! She has an eye for finding shots that you’ll love. 

All and all, I wouldn’t trade this experience. Yes, maybe my boyfriend will like these photos (who are we kidding—he’ll LOVE them), but when it’s all said and done, I’m so glad I did them for myself.

I am fearlessly feminine and so much more. Thanks to Alisha Sims for helping me see that. I think every woman deserves a chance to feel gorgeous as hell and there’s no way Alisha won’t deliver that. 


Learning to be a Love Her not a Hate Her | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

One of my favorite things about my new brand is being able to empower the women, whether its showing them an beautiful image of themselves or in this case encouraging someone to use this platform to speak out about something they believe in!  I'm so excited to introduce you to my first ever guest blogger, Karen!  She's a great writer with an amazing message. 

IMG_6884x 5x7 Mel ML (38).jpg

Women are amazing creatures. Our bodies are superhero-cape worthy vessels. Seriously- the female body can create life, make food, heal small wounds with a simple kiss, ease troubles with its embrace, and walk in high heels for hours without keeling over in excruciating pain! My female friends are as diverse in their personalities as they are in body shape, and they are all absolutely impressive human beings. Unfortunately one thing we all have in common is a negative body image. I asked some women to recall some of their most memorable body comments and here are a few they came up with:

• “… that If I didn't stop eating (I'd had a salad) that I would end up being "shaped just like your Aunt - Tall and fat, built like a man" -Jessica

• When I was 12-- TWELVE-- and wanted braces to correct my crooked teeth (still uncorrected to this day) "Braces would only be cosmetic for you, and you have bigger problems there than just your teeth." -Em


• “My boobs would make the next guy run because they were that hideous!!” -Abigail

• Your ass is too big. -Liz

• “If you don’t eat today, you are one day closer to being less disgusting.” –Karen

I would love to say I was shocked and amazed, but I wasn’t. The most troublesome feeling was that this is normal. This is every day, no big deal “girl” talk. These are the voices of our family and friends. The first comment was from Jessica’s grandmother. The second was from Em’s dentist. The third was made by Abigail’s (now ex) boyfriend. The forth was from Liz’s female friend. The last one was what I used to tell the mirror. One of my closest and most respected friends recalled how her dad and brother used to tell her how fat and ugly she was until she would leave the dinner table. This is a woman I view as nothing less than amazing. She is generous, hilarious, and when I imagine where I’d be today without her support, my stomach turns.  So why is this happening?  What’s the solution?  Should we all just try harder be Barbie doll copies or idealistic fashion models?

Almost two years ago I met a girl at a Christmas party. The minute I saw her I knew I didn’t like her.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  She was blonde and perky, with a perfect body and a radiance that lit up the room.  She didn’t even have to try.  She was the embodiment of every popular girl in high school that was mean to me, every girl a boyfriend had left me for, and everything I was not.  My mother raised me to be polite, so I was.  We talked as our significant others left us to fend for ourselves.  Her stunning façade crumbled as our conversation carried on effortlessly.  She morphed from a beautiful girl I was sure I didn’t like to an incredible woman with amazing talent I couldn’t wait to get to know better.  I know her better now, and I love her. Oh yes, and, side note- she’s still just as beautiful.  Her contribution surprised me only because I was ashamed to have not realized how hypocritical women (I) can be. 

• “You’re cute, good thing because it’s the only thing about you worth noticing.” –Alisha

It seems that no woman can escape.  That's what years of dating the wrong guys taught Alisha.  No wonder we struggle so much just trying to get comfortable in our own skin.  It’s inexplicably ridiculous how we can look at our female friends and see beauty that they cannot see in themselves.  We see the exact qualities in our friends that we fail to recognize in ourselves.  We protect our close friends like a lioness protecting her cubs. No one messes with our girls.  But in walks a new girl and the claws come out.  We make the same snap judgments we have defended ourselves from.  She’s gorgeous with big boobs so she’s a bitch.  She’s fat so she must be lazy.  She’s thin so she must be anorexic.  She is wearing that she must be a slut.  Sometimes these judgments stay locked in our brains, waiting for proof before the verdict escape our mouths, but not often enough.

Our negativity towards any female’s body for whatever reason only breeds sickness and shame. It infects our mothers and sisters, our friends and enemies, and most tragically the little girls who know we are beautiful.  If you have a daughter, great, if not it’s never too late for a little imagination- I have a challenge for you.  Let your “daughter” be your conscience.  Before you say anything about another woman, ask yourself- would I say this to/about my daughter?  When you look in the mirror and that nagging voice chatters on about your insecurity ask- Do I want my daughter to think these things?

For the sake of your fellow women, please put on your superhero cape and rock it with confidence.  Show everyone how you translate “beauty” and let’s rebuild our gender.  We are strong as individuals, but unstoppable as friends.  Tell yourself what you love about you.  Tell your friends why you’re lucky to have them.  Give a woman you “don’t like” a chance to be your friend.  And don’t stop there. 

Tell me why you’re beautiful.


LAUNCH PARTY | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

Ladies I've been talking to my amazing sponsors and I'm SO very excited to announce the prizes we'll be giving away at the party.  You're going to want to get those RSVP's in right away!

Sara Kamman, owner of Single Thread Boutique, is giving away a $25 gift certificate and with all the summer dresses she's putting out, good luck trying to just pick one!  I went in yesterday and came home with three!

Kana Brown, editor of Love IT!, (The new online magazine directed toward women in the Evansville area)  Is giving away a facial!  Take it from a girl that has experienced this first hand, its so relaxing, in the most amazing way!  Want to check out the awesome new magazine? You can see the first issue here! 

Kassy Lauer, owner of Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns, is giving away a summer dress from her new line of casual clothes!  Stop by her shop, check out all the glam and sparkle and envision yourself getting your portrait taken in one of her amazing dresses! 

Hanna Williams, owner of Ciseaux Fusion Salon, is giving away a $30 gift certificate.  Hanna does hair for MANY of my senior and beauty sessions.  I highly recommend her!!  You'll leave her salon feeling totally glamorous, I know I did when she made me over for my Valentine's Day date!  

The final prize given out will be a double makeover and photo shoot for you and friend from yours truly!  This prize is a ticket to the ultimate girls day out!  You'll feel fabulous getting all dolled up in hair and makeup!  From there i'll walk you each through your own magazine style photo shoot in your carefully chosen couture gown. 

I also have many amazing sponsors for the swag bags that will be handed out!  I'll leave that as a surprise; be sure to come and see all the excitement for yourself!   

 Just attending the party gets you an entry into these amazing drawings!  As a bonus for everyone that RSVP's, i'll be sending out way to get extra drawing entries next week!  Can't wait to see you there!  (You don't have to be present during the drawings to win but you MUST  attend to put your entries in!)

Welcome all my free and fabulous ladies!!! Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

Welcome to the Fearlessly Feminine site!  I'm Alisha Sims and I'm so excited to finally be launching this website.  I've had big plans for this for well over a year and i'm so excited its unfolding so beautifully.  I love that this business allows me to celebrate all the amazing women in my life!  And I can't wait to celebrate even more free and fabulous ladies in the near future!  I'm also excited to announce my partnership with Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns.   All sessions come with a complimentary dress rental!  I want to make you feel glamorous!   Whether you're interested in beauty, boudoir or a combination of both!  I can't wait to make you feel amazing because girl, you deserve it!!  


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