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All about that plank: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Fit

Planks are one of the best exercises that you can do for your body. When you hold a plank you are working so many different muscles in your body, this is something that not every exercise can do.

In today's workout I have added a 5 minute plank workout. Trust me, 5 minutes seems like it would be nothing, but your muscles will be burning after this workout.

When you do different variations of planks, you work different muscles. So, in this workout, you will not only be working your core muscles, you will be working your shoulders, arms, obliques and most importantly your booty!


Five minutes is the perfect amount of time that you could do this workout everyday. Although, make sure to give your body some rest. Increasing the amount of time you hold your planks will make this workout even tougher.

You could also add in a couple of other exercises, like squats or lunges to make it a full workout. Try adding this to your next workout routine and I bet you'll feel the burn!!

Baby Steps: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir

Sometimes getting to the gym and getting a workout in seems like a daunting task. We all have busy lives and are trying to prepare for the next big thing. Being a gym rat isn't always necessary to get in shape. My biggest philosophy with health and wellness is that little steps make biggest impacts. SO instead of trying to make yourself get to the gym multiple times a week for hours on end, try some of my little tips. 

First off, TAKE THE STAIRS! Taking the stairs isn't going to change your life, but it will burn 5x the amount of calories that taking the elevator does. Again, like I mentioned before, small steps, make big changes.

Secondly, try adding a 10 minute workout to your daily routine. Mix about 3-4 different simple moves together to get a nice little workout to get your rear in gear (get it?). Simple moves can consist of squats, crunches, jumping jacks, wall push ups, or planks. Anything that gets you moving without using too much equipment. Adding in this 10 minute workout 3-4 times a week will help you burn extra calories all week long. Losing weight is a basic science of calories in versus calories out.

Just remember food should be consumed in moderation (especially the bad stuff). By adding in small changes in your life you will burn more and more calories which helps add in losing weight! If you have the time get out there and get your workouts in, but time should never be an excuse to help you get more fit. Remember your body is your own, and if you don't take care of it, where will you live?!


The Prep: Fearlessly Fit

A majority of the time making the decision to become a healthier individual is the hardest part.  It's not the workout or eating clean but getting yourself motivated and out the front door is the hardest part. 


My whole philosophy for being fearlessly fit is making small lifestyle changes. I don’t do crash diets or crazy workouts.  Let’s be real, every girl has tired some crazy diet fad or work out and been disappointed by the lack of results for effort they have put in. We’ve all been there, even me (I tried using packing tape on my stomach during workouts to get a six pack, much to my dismay it did not work, and it HURT taking it all off). 


The first step to making this lifestyle change is getting off the couch and setting up a plan! No matter what that plan is, you still need to make it.  Have you ever worked on a project without planning what to do first, if you have you know it doesn’t work. You need to schedule out what you want to do if you want it to work. 


So, remember getting prepped on how you want to be a healthier individual is the first step. Plan out how you want to work out, how you are going to eat, what you are going to drink, whatever it is, having a plan of action is your best bet to being fearlessly FIT! 

Sara Jasper