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Vacation Workouts | Workout Wednesday

Some might think it is just plain crazy to work out while on vacation. A quick 20-30-minute sweat session in the morning though can leave you feeling way less guilty about indulging in food and leave you feeling energized for the rest of day. 

Here are a few of my favorite exercises that can be done anywhere at any time. The first examples are all body weight exercises:

-Jump squats

-Knee Ups

-Side lunges

-High Knees

-Body Planks

-Push Ups


-Bicycle Crunches

Staying in a hotel? No problem- Give this a try!

- One-Leg Burpees, Cross-Body Toe Touch, Elbow Plank Hops, Squat Jumps with Alternating Side Leg Lifts, Seated Ab Scissors. Complete this routine 5 rounds with minimal rest. 

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to throw your fitness out the window. Try a mixture of these on your next vacay and feel the difference. Remember, a quick workout is better than no workout!


By now y’all know I am due with #2! I wanted to write this blog for those of you out there that might be pregnant already, are thinking about becoming preggo, or have had kids! First off, you are BEAUTIFUL! Don’t fear about your changing body, embrace it and allow me to give you some tips about having a fit pregnancy.

There are 4 rules of thumb I like to consider when working out and being preggo-

  • Type
  • Time
  • Intensity
  • Frequency 

When considering what type of workout, think about what would make you feel the best. Is that spinning, lifting weights, swimming, or yoga? Pick an exercise that you enjoy and can maintain throughout your pregnancy. 

Time is precious! When pregnant and working out, I like to keep with my normal routine, but perform the exercises quicker at max intensity (lower weight) This will help with blood sugar regulation, increase metabolism, better sleep, and improve cardiovascular health. 

You are fearless! Get intense! Here is the rule- if you can’t hold a conversation with the person next to you, you are over working and need to back off to allow better oxygen flow to you and your baby. If you can breathe and feel great, push it and be a boss!

How often should you get your sweat on? Most doctors will tell you if were active and working out before you became pregnant, then you have the green light to continue the same regimen. Just be mindful and listen to your body. If you are sore or tired, take a rest day. 

So, what is right for you? You know your body and are in tune more than anyone. Be smart, be determined, and be proud of that growing bump and know you are sexy and glowing! (Note: always stay well hydrated and consult with your doctor with any questions) 



There's only a few more weeks left of winter! We're celebrating the season with some yummy and healthy winter inspired recipes! These are great for post-workout meals, because they're filling, but still light!



-1 lb. chicken or ground turkey

-1/4 cup yellow onion, finely diced

-1/2 serrano pepper, finely diced(if you like spice!)

-1T chili powder

-1t cumin

-1/2t paprika

-1/2t onion powder

-1/2t garlic powder

-1/4t salt

-1/4t pepper

Place all ingredients in a crock-pot and turn to high. With a wooden spoon, break up the ground turkey and mix with spices. Let cook for about 2 hours, stirring every half hour.



1.5 cups quick cooking oatmeal (gluten free, if gluten sensitive!)

¼ cup shredded unsweetened coconut

2 Tablespoons ground flaxseed

½ cup  Pumpkin Puree

3 cups milk (almond)

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 Tablespoons honey

Stir all ingredients and refrigerate overnight. You can also mix in almond milk in the morning, if you prefer to wait!


The holiday season is finally over, and the new year is in full swing. You can feel the weather getting colder, and your jeans getting tighter. You can hear the voice in your head telling you, “Skip the gym, that baggy sweater will cover a few extra pounds." It's great to make New Years resolutions, but not if you constantly use the excuse, “Come January 1st, I’ll get back on track…" then quit a few days later. Don't just start, keep yourself accountable to continue! Here are some tips to stay motivated this season...


  • Switch it up - Take a class at your local gym, follow along with YouTube workouts at home, or take a yoga class, but don't let yourself get bored.
  • Set a BIG goal - ... But remember to celebrate the small steps you take to get there.
  • Get a Buddy - Help keep each other accountable.
  • Embrace the Cold - Throw on a big sweatshirt or thermal wear and go for a brisk walk or run outside.
  • Stay Healthy - Don't push yourself if you feel you're getting sick. Listen to your body!
  • Reward yourself - Don't cut out all of your favorite foods, just cut down your portions!

Put in the work this winter to show off your bod this summer. Embrace the cold now, to be a HOT babe later.


Ok, I get it. You want to look cute when you workout. I agree, some clothing can actually give you motivation in the gym! I know Ive caught myself glancing in the gym mirrors saying, “ Cute outfit, BB, those Nike’s sure do make my backside look tight!” 

But what happens when you just want to enjoy a run outside or get some fresh air and you need to layer up? Here are my go-to picks for cold weather clothing that is still fun and fashionable!

  1. A cowl-neck pull over. The cowl-neck provides warmth while also allowing you to still breathe. You can pull it up over your head for extra warmth. Its fun, loose fitting style will pair great with any leggings or yoga pant.
  2. Cold Weather Compression Pants. Under Armour has their claim to fame on these babies, but you can also find them in different brands at half the cost! I highly suggest getting these for outdoor workouts. Keep your legs warm to get through that workout!
  3. Fitted Stocking hat with ponytail slit. You want the hat to protect your ears from the cold. If the hat has a spot for the ponytail, odds are it will fit your head better and stay on. Be sure to get a snug fit; sweat can cause a hat to loosen. 
  4. Touch Screen gloves. Want to keep moving to that tune on your run outside? Get some gloves that allow you to use your phone and keep your hands warm!

Try these out and beat the cold! 


Cool Summer Treats | Fearlessly Fit

Yes, it's hot. Like, humid and nasty hot some days. I'm just as guilty as craving a giant bowl of ice cream to cool off. Buuuut, I restrain. Here is what I grab when I'm hot and have a bad sweet tooth!

Chilled Naners w/ PB: Cut a Banana into 8-10 pieces. Throw some peanut butter in the middle. Smash the 2 pieces together, freeze. After about an hour, the naner is frozen and the result is pure delicious bites!

Ice Cream Sandwich: Buy Fat free Graham crackers and fat free cool whip. Assemble sandwiches and freeze for a couple hours. Dip the sandwich in chocolate walden farms syrup and WHOAH...YUM!

Frozen Grapes: That’s it. Freeze grapes and enjoy poolside. So satisfying! Try these and see what you think!

There is always a healthy option!

Loose your Wings | Workout Wednesday : Evansville IN Boudoir Photographer

The dreaded BATWING. We've all seen it, we all know what it is, and it doesn't look pretty. Back arm jiggle is a problem that all females have been facing for many years now. Even though it's darn near impossible to get rid of completely, it is POSSIBLE to tone it up. By toning up this area you can wave your arms freely in the air with no worries!! 

I'm here to show you a couple of the best workouts for the dreaded batwing. First, let's talk a little science. The muscle that runs along the back side of your arm is called your tricep. This muscle sometimes gets over looked in workouts, because a majority of back and shoulder exercises utilize the tricep muscle, but don't focus on it. 


Add a couple of these moves into your next workout to really get those arms toned. Remember to use light weights and do about 12-15 reps and 3 sets. Add in your other favorite exercises to make this a great circuit! 

For example try this fat and arm burner!

20 squats with body weight

15 tricep kick backs with light weight

20 jumping jacks

12 tricep dips off of a chair

20 crunches 

15 tricep push downs. 

Repeat this workout 3 times to really feel the burn! Make sure to take breaks and get water when you need it!

15 Reasons You Should Be.... | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer

We've talked about the benefits of water and keeping your system hydrated. I'm hoping you fearlessly fit babes are keeping your reusable water bottles with you on a daily basis! Now that we've accomplished that step we are going to take it even further. 


No, I'm not talking about lemon water that you get at your favorite restaurant. I'm talking about freshly made lemon water. (Side note, please don't ever get lemon in your water from a restaurant, in high school I was a waitress, you're going to want to trust me on this one.)

Fresh lemon water has so many benefits for your body. ESPECIALLY, when you are trying to get photoshoot ready. Firstly, lemon water helps improve digestion and cleanses out your system. The last thing you want to be is bloated before you get down to your skivvies. Second, lemon water helps keep your skin beautiful! No one wants a big ugly pimple when your getting photos done. (You're lucky because Alisha is one baller photographer, but nothing kills your confidence like a facial flaw!) Lastly, lemon water is a weight loss aide, need I say any more??

So, start out every morning with a big glass of lemon and water and you'll be looking better and feeling greater in no time!!