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Cool Summer Treats | Fearlessly Fit

Yes, it's hot. Like, humid and nasty hot some days. I'm just as guilty as craving a giant bowl of ice cream to cool off. Buuuut, I restrain. Here is what I grab when I'm hot and have a bad sweet tooth!

Chilled Naners w/ PB: Cut a Banana into 8-10 pieces. Throw some peanut butter in the middle. Smash the 2 pieces together, freeze. After about an hour, the naner is frozen and the result is pure delicious bites!

Ice Cream Sandwich: Buy Fat free Graham crackers and fat free cool whip. Assemble sandwiches and freeze for a couple hours. Dip the sandwich in chocolate walden farms syrup and WHOAH...YUM!

Frozen Grapes: That’s it. Freeze grapes and enjoy poolside. So satisfying! Try these and see what you think!

There is always a healthy option!