Miss E | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Miss E came to me one day and told me she was ready for a fearlessly feminine session and I jumped for joy.. literally! I love getting my girls in front of the camera! Miss E is not only a badass babe in front of a camera, but she's also part of the ASP/FF team! And as you know, we believe in girl power, and owning your body. She's perfect example of confidence and self-love, and we wanted to celebrate her with a shoot that showcased her femininity. 

Miss E is a student and amazing artist! This girl does it all, and she looks fantastic while she does it.

Miss E, we couldn't be happier to have you on the team! Sara and I had so much fun working on your session and celebrating you! You're gorgeous and we adore you! Thanks for being your detail oriented, email sending, photography passionate self!  


All about that plank: Workout Wednesday | Fearlessly Fit

Planks are one of the best exercises that you can do for your body. When you hold a plank you are working so many different muscles in your body, this is something that not every exercise can do.

In today's workout I have added a 5 minute plank workout. Trust me, 5 minutes seems like it would be nothing, but your muscles will be burning after this workout.

When you do different variations of planks, you work different muscles. So, in this workout, you will not only be working your core muscles, you will be working your shoulders, arms, obliques and most importantly your booty!


Five minutes is the perfect amount of time that you could do this workout everyday. Although, make sure to give your body some rest. Increasing the amount of time you hold your planks will make this workout even tougher.

You could also add in a couple of other exercises, like squats or lunges to make it a full workout. Try adding this to your next workout routine and I bet you'll feel the burn!!

Miss Emily | Fearlessly Feminine Friday

I love a girl that is all about focusing her Fearlessly Feminine session on celebrating herself!  What a beautiful time in your life to document!  I love my 20's and I love other fearlessly feminine babes that know how to embrace theirs!  Emily is a runner and works super hard! I had a great time taking her portraits! 

This is what Emily had to say about her session

"I had the best time getting my pictures taken!  Alisha made me feel so comfortable with myself and she just made me feel absolutely beautiful.  My pictures were amazing!  She is so talented and so professional!" 


For Love and Lemons | How to Wear it Wednesday

I love these For Love and Lemons bralettes! They're so bold and stylish!  If you're looking to make a statement at your Fearlessly Feminine session these are some great options!  Pair one with some great heels and gold jewelry!  

Wear your beautiful bralette into fall underneath a beautiful backless sweater like this one! Pair it with jeans and black heels for a fabulous evening outfit! 

This top can be purchase from Single Thread Boutique  here! 

This top can be purchase from Single Thread Boutique here! 

Then get excited to bring you for Love and Lemons bralette on vacation in the spring!  My favorite way to wear my bralette is under a tank top or backless shirt! 

Red Rock | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

So ladies.. I'm turning 25 this year.  Which, is super exciting, but it's also half of 50. (insert shocked face!)  This has motivated me to be a little bit more active.  I’ll be the first to admit workouts are not nearly the priority that work and sleep are for me.  This year I’m planning to make some changes.  It's my goal to find more balance in my life, and get to get there by forming a habit of taking good care of myself.  I'm really excited about finding creative ways to be healthier. 

    I'm blessed that my favorite newly married couple lives in Vegas, just 20 minutes from where WPPI (Wedding  and Portrait Photography International EXPO) is hosted!  Score! Nothing is better than getting to see a couple of my favorite people while on a work trip!  When I was there Karen made it a priority to take me on an awesome hike at Red Rock which inspired me to focus less on just working out, and more on creative ways to be healthy!  Red Rock is beautiful, and I’m jealous that it’s basically like playing in Zach and Karen's backyard.  I wish all the time that this girl and I lived closer together.  Here's a video of our hike!  Strong is the new skinny!


If you look to the left you can see the little tiny cars where we parked! 

If you look to the left you can see the little tiny cars where we parked!