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Loose your Wings | Workout Wednesday : Evansville IN Boudoir Photographer

The dreaded BATWING. We've all seen it, we all know what it is, and it doesn't look pretty. Back arm jiggle is a problem that all females have been facing for many years now. Even though it's darn near impossible to get rid of completely, it is POSSIBLE to tone it up. By toning up this area you can wave your arms freely in the air with no worries!! 

I'm here to show you a couple of the best workouts for the dreaded batwing. First, let's talk a little science. The muscle that runs along the back side of your arm is called your tricep. This muscle sometimes gets over looked in workouts, because a majority of back and shoulder exercises utilize the tricep muscle, but don't focus on it. 


Add a couple of these moves into your next workout to really get those arms toned. Remember to use light weights and do about 12-15 reps and 3 sets. Add in your other favorite exercises to make this a great circuit! 

For example try this fat and arm burner!

20 squats with body weight

15 tricep kick backs with light weight

20 jumping jacks

12 tricep dips off of a chair

20 crunches 

15 tricep push downs. 

Repeat this workout 3 times to really feel the burn! Make sure to take breaks and get water when you need it!