The Prep: Fearlessly Fit

A majority of the time making the decision to become a healthier individual is the hardest part.  It's not the workout or eating clean but getting yourself motivated and out the front door is the hardest part. 


My whole philosophy for being fearlessly fit is making small lifestyle changes. I don’t do crash diets or crazy workouts.  Let’s be real, every girl has tired some crazy diet fad or work out and been disappointed by the lack of results for effort they have put in. We’ve all been there, even me (I tried using packing tape on my stomach during workouts to get a six pack, much to my dismay it did not work, and it HURT taking it all off). 


The first step to making this lifestyle change is getting off the couch and setting up a plan! No matter what that plan is, you still need to make it.  Have you ever worked on a project without planning what to do first, if you have you know it doesn’t work. You need to schedule out what you want to do if you want it to work. 


So, remember getting prepped on how you want to be a healthier individual is the first step. Plan out how you want to work out, how you are going to eat, what you are going to drink, whatever it is, having a plan of action is your best bet to being fearlessly FIT! 

Sara Jasper

Introducing Sara Jasper: Fearlessly Fit

Hi, My name is Sarah and I’m working exclusively with Alisha to help her clients get  their bodacious bodies into prime photography form. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 5 years, helping clients with fitness, lifestyles changes, and diet. I have a degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Health Promotion.  Outside of my passion for helping people feel great about themselves I also love cheesecake, red wine, french bulldogs (or puppies in general), the state of Ohio (go bucks!), and a great pair of shoes.

What does it mean to be fearlessly fit? It means not feeling guilty about that last bite of succulent cheesecake, or that handful of chips. It means being fearless in your own body. It is not a long grueling workout seven days a week, or a crash diet. Being fearlessly fit is a lifestyle change that you can make to get you feeling and looking AMAZING. Too many times we hear clients that want to do photo shoots, but are just waiting to “lose just 10 more pounds”, or “just tone up a little more”. Well guess what ladies, I’m here to help! Making small changes in your day-to-day lifestyle are GUARANTEED to make you feel great, lose weight, and tone up!  Time after time my clients have gotten to where they have not only lost weight and toned up, but KEPT IT OFF!  Today is the day to make a change with your lifestyle to becoming a healthier individual. Whether you want to tone up right before an upcoming session, or you want to book a session 3,6, or 9 months from now, I am here to help!  

My program doesn't involve a gym membership, or hundreds of dollars at the grocery store to change your diet.  I am going to show you how to become a fearlessly fit female by changing just small things you already do day to day. I hope you are ready to take this journey with us! 
Sarah Jasper

Loving me in Lingerie | Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

I'm so excited to introduce a new friend of mine, Shayla!  She's a talented actress with so much drive.  I really enjoyed working with her and was so glad when she wanted to write a post about her experience.  I'm so thankful for positive, fearless ladies in my life!  I'm happy Shayla wanted to share some of her images, she looks AMAZING!  This is her story. 


If someone would have told me a couple weeks ago that I’d be staring at a professional photo of myself in lingerie and saying “Damn, I look good,” I would have laughed. 

But that’s just what I did a few hours ago.

Okay, let me back this train up a second and tell you a little bit more about me.

I’m a 27 year-old actress who has been in the theater world for over two decades now. This has led to me becoming a simultaneously confident and insecure woman.  As females, we put constant pressure on ourselves to live up to this Hollywood standard of beauty and I am no exception. Man, it gets hard in that head of mine sometimes! 

I’m the girl with the bigger arms. I’m sure that’s what people think. Bigger arms and a flabby stomach. I could stand to lose some weight. My legs are pretty good, but I could still tone up my butt.”

And on and on the movie plays in my mind.

So, when Alisha and I talked about doing a boudoir shoot, I was a little nervous, to say the least. I have this picture in my mind of who I am and I was afraid that’s who I would see in the pictures. 

But I decided to go for it. Alisha’s an incredibly talented photographer, I already knew that. Surely, I thought, she could get something out of me.

Little did I know, what she would “get out of me” has been there all along.

After a really refreshing boudoir session (read: drinking mimosas, lots of silliness and leaving feeling pretty darn fearless after spending a morning in my skivvies), I felt a little bit more excited about how these photos might turn out. 

Alisha had me over to her apartment downtown for my photo preview. It’s worth the session just to get to check this place out! There’s something about her apartment that makes you feel high fashion just by standing in it. She handed me a glass of wine (who could say no under these circumstances?), turned on “Blurred Lines,” and directed me to look toward her 70 inch screen where my shots would be debuted.  

The first picture floored me. Ummm…that’s ME! The second picture- BOOM. Another great one. As she continued to show me what she’d captured, it really started to hit me. I AM sexy. I AM gorgeous. And hot damn, I’m fabulous.

I started to realize that the woman I picture in my head isn’t reality. Alisha has the talent of finding what is special and unique about each of us. Her craft is sexy, yes, but also soft, subtle, and feminine. I ended up having a hard time picking which ones I liked the most because she gave me so many options to choose from! She has an eye for finding shots that you’ll love. 

All and all, I wouldn’t trade this experience. Yes, maybe my boyfriend will like these photos (who are we kidding—he’ll LOVE them), but when it’s all said and done, I’m so glad I did them for myself.

I am fearlessly feminine and so much more. Thanks to Alisha Sims for helping me see that. I think every woman deserves a chance to feel gorgeous as hell and there’s no way Alisha won’t deliver that. 


Welcome all my free and fabulous ladies!!! Fearlessly Feminine Evansville Beauty and Boudoir

Welcome to the Fearlessly Feminine site!  I'm Alisha Sims and I'm so excited to finally be launching this website.  I've had big plans for this for well over a year and i'm so excited its unfolding so beautifully.  I love that this business allows me to celebrate all the amazing women in my life!  And I can't wait to celebrate even more free and fabulous ladies in the near future!  I'm also excited to announce my partnership with Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns.   All sessions come with a complimentary dress rental!  I want to make you feel glamorous!   Whether you're interested in beauty, boudoir or a combination of both!  I can't wait to make you feel amazing because girl, you deserve it!!  


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